Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding the time to read.

I often get asked how I find the time to read between school, work, and life. A lot of my friends have expressed to me their love of reading but inability to find the time to actually read a full book, cover-to-cover. So here are a few tips that I find help me fit in reading during a hectic day.
First: Keep your book with you. We are always a few minutes early to class or work, or we may have a lunch break. These times are great for squeezing in a few extra pages.
Second: Spare ten to fifteen minutes before you go to bed to read a few pages. Not only will you keep a steady pace in your novel but you will also find it easier to sleep after your mind has relaxed.
Third: Cut down the Facebook time! I know many people that spend their extra time on FB, and while this is a decent way to spend your free-time you may find that you can utilize this time to get some of your other work done. This will free-up your day and allow some extra reading to be pushed in.
Lastly: Put the electronics away! I've realized that if I am holding onto my phone or watching TV I spend much less time reading.
But keep in mind that reading should be fun and not a chore, so if it fits into your day then great, but if not there will always be extra time on the weekends to catch up!

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