Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Return to the blogosphere

After a prolonged silence due to class and work, I have returned to briefly discuss the current goings-on of The Clash of Kings. The three kings are making ground toward Kings Landing. However, they're not exactly aiming to find the Lannisters. Instead, Stannis has marched his troops on his brother Renly to make him acquiesce. At that moment Catelyn Stark was acting as envoy for her son at King Renly's camp. In her attempt to persuade both brothers to unite with her son against their common enemies- the lannisters, she was caught in an ugly battle between the two brothers. She also hears from Stannis about Queen Cersei's infidelity- and begins to put the pieces together about her husbands murder.
Tyrion continues his backdoor dealings to reunite Kings Landing and the surrounding commoners. He is secretly ridding the Red Keep of its poor management and trying to ensure a timely win for the Lannisters. Of all the Lannisters, he is the most likeable- he is cunning, smart, and not vile in his punishments of others. We even get a sense of his compasion (as well as the Hounds) when he catches Joffrey punishing Sansa and demands an immediate end to the events. Meanwhile the Lannisters stay safely tucked in at Kings Landing and the other three kings, Renly, Robb, and Stannis, gut themselves of their remaining troops by waging war against one another.