Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Game of Thrones part 2

Bran is awake! Although, he does not recall what had happened the day of his fall. His brother Robb has taken control of Winterfell, and risen to the occasion. Catelyn is in the North, contacting her husband Ned and others whom she can trust in order to discover the truth behind her sons fall, and unveil the mystery of Jon Arynn's death. Tension is boiling as Ned combs the last of Jon Arynn's servants and squires to discover their knowledge on Jon and his all too convenient death. Furthermore, Arya and Sansa are at constant blows, spewing all sorts of angst and disgust while their father unsuccessfully attempts to referee their fights. And the ever present whisper of "winter is coming" resounds faithfully in every Stark's ears. The looming winter is the final ingredient to a disaster-stew that is nearing its boiling point. It is clear that the mystery of Jon Arynn's death and Bran's fall are slowly being revealed, and the Lannister's thickly weaved web of lies and concealment will soon become lucid.
I am very happy with this book, this series has kept me on my feet since the start. I am very keen on learning more about the Lannister's and their motives as well as what will happen to Winterfell and the North when winter finally comes.Happy Reading...

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